This whole body workout will leave you feeling stronger, fitter and energized! Using everything from dumbbells, bosu balls, gliders, bender balls, resistance bands, rollers and much more! Any fitness level welcome to take everything at your own pace. This class is a different whole body workout every time and will help keep you motivated! Try the morning to start your day off with lots of energy or come at night! Lots of options!

“TABATA in Boot Camp Strength Classes” – is for everyone at any fitness level, age and gender, with all kinds of modifications available! Tabata is interval training which results in MAXIMUM calorie burning in a short amount of time. With the Tabata protocol you end up raising your metabolism for the next 24 to 48 hours. I usually use Tabata in the Boot Camp Strength Classes and my spin classes!



This class is a bit of everything! A whole lot cardio and ABS and stretch! Working on everything from your balance to your endurance, this class is full of fun challenges that will make you feel noticably stronger . Great for decreasing low back pain, neck pain, improving posture, sports performance, and so many other great perks. This class always end off with plenty of stretching using straps, bosus, rollers, and more!



My spin classes are like no other! You are guaranteed an amazing workout every single time! Tons of drills to keep you challenged, motivated and coming back for another class! Spin classes are pre-registration only with the option of being put on a drop in call list, and if a spot becomes available you will receive as much notice as possible. More info and a decription about these classes on the online class schedule
Spin Class Cancellation Policy: There is a “full charge last minute/no show” cancellation fee for a “reserved drop in”spin bike if 4 hours notice is not given. If cancelling the night before for an early morning spin class, it must be done by 9PM.



(runs seasonal with interest)

This class starts out with kickboxing and ends off with core and stretch. Kickboxing includes punches and kicks using the focus pads and boxing gloves, along with great combinations guaranteed to challenge your whole body! Kickboxing is a fun and great way to improve posture, muscle and cardio strength! Looking for something new, this class will keep you on your toes!

Pre-Registered Classes: 25.00 cancellation fee applies to all courses that you pre-register for and cancel out of 1 week prior to the class starting.